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Putting this together was no easy task. It is THE culmination of all 5 years Crypto 101 has been the #1 crypto podcast. This event is our life's work. And frankly, it was only made possible by the explosive growth we've experienced in the past few months. 

So now we're giving it all back. For free... 

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The Crypto Hedge Fund Secrets Most Will Never Know
Learn which coins the smart money Hedge Funds are "all-in" on for 2020. 

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Hedge Funds don't play by the same rules. And now you don't have to, either. At Crypto Hedge Fund Summit, you're going to learn EXACTLY how Hedge Funds choose new coins to invest in. 

From algorithmic modeling, to artificial intelligence, to arbitrage, these incredible strategies will give you an edge in crypto that will blow you away. Best of all, we'll show you how to use these complex strategies in easy and safe ways... even if you're not confident with tech! 
Hedge Funds manage tens of billions of dollars in crypto. So you better believe they've figured out innovative, bulletproof ways to keep it 100% safe, 24/7. At our Hedge Fund Summit, you'll learn these techniques too.

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Just a Few of the "Smart Money" Strategies You'll Learn About...

How to ride short-term and long-term trends for MASSIVE profits. Crypto is a trend based market. If you can spot trends, you can make 100% - 1,000% in the short-term... and 100,000%+ in the long-term. Learn how the best do it..
The kind of research only a billion buys. Learn how Hedge Funds can discover hot new coins years before anyone else has heard of them. And the specific coins they have targeted as potential "new Bitcoins". 
Limited risk, high upside strategies. Because coins can shoot up in value so quickly, you don't need to invest a fortune to make one. Learn the best coins primed to go to the moon and why. 
Crypto "hacks". Hedge Funds play by different rules. For example, did you know that while Bitcoin is worth $7,000 here, it's worth $10,000 in another country? Hedge Funds use this to make quick profits no matter where the market is going.

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Learn From 30 Crypto Hedge Fund Experts as They Reveal
Top Coin Picks and Strategies for 2020
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** All Times Are In Pacific Time** 

Wednesday, July 22

11:00 AM 
How To Read The Market 
Nick Cowan with GSX

12:00 PM
Data Modeling & Prediction From An MIT Physics Grad 
John Peurifoy with Floating Point Group

12:30 PM
Bridging Old Money With Crypto
Mike Collett with Stack Fund

1:00 PM
Security Tokens & Regulation Update
Reimo Hammerberg with Ignium

1:30 PM
Whales Don't Trade Like We Do
Evan Feng with Tapestry Capital

2:00 PM 
Insights From The OTC Desk: What Is Smart Money Doing?
Neil Van Huis with Blockfills

2:30 PM
DeFi Deep Dive
Joe Buttram with Red Rock Capital

3:00 PM
Social Sentiment: The Leading Indicator We've Been Missing?
Joe Vezzani with Lunar Crush

3:30 PM
Fundamentals Do Matter
Michael & Vance with Framework Ventures 

4:00 PM
Why Crypto Is So Exciting
Nico Cordeiro with Strix Levaithan

4:20 PM
From Blackrock to Blockchain: Who Holds The Future?
Nassim Olive with Eterna Capital

4:40 PM 
2020: A Tale of Two Halvings (March 12th and May 11th) - What Now?
Pankaj Balani with Delta Exchange 

5:00 PM 
How A Tokenized Hedge Fund Manager Approaches Risk
Matthew Finlayson with Invictus Capital

5:20 PM
Institutional Adoption Trends
Ahkbar Thobani with Sfox

5:40 PM
Venture Capital Investing Explained
Mattew Le Merle with Fifth Era

Thursday, July 23

11:00 AM 
How To Predict The Price Of A Coin With 95% Accuracy
Josh Frank with The TIE

12:30 AM
How A Developer Looks At Investing
Nathan Doctor with Synapse Capital

1:00 PM
Why Crypto Needs a Repo Market
Paul Sacks with Digital Gamma

1:30 PM
From JP Morgan to Decentralized Finance
Santiago Roel-Santos with Parafi Capital

2:00 PM
Reading the Blockchain Like A Crystal Ball
Jesus Rodriguez with Into the Block

2:30 PM
Investing To Make The World Better & Profit At The Same Time!
Aly Madhavji with Blockchain Founders Fund

3:00 PM
How to Actively Help Your Investments
Dan Elitzer with IDEO

3:30 PM
Modernizing The Entire Financial System
Felix Feng with SET Protocol

4:00 PM
Macro Economic Impacts on Crypto: With An Alumni From Two Sigma, Salomon Bros, Morgan Stanley
Dan Elitzer with IDEO

4:30 PM
How A Professional Fund Manager Grows Client Funds
Katie Talati with Arca

5:00 PM
Avoiding Disaster Through Risk Management
Andrew Keys with DARMA Capital

5:30 PM
Macro-Economics, Pandemic, & The Bitcoin Halving
Mati Greenspan with Quantum Economics

6:00 PM
A History Lesson From A Crypto Vet Whose Done It All
Joey Krug with Pantera Capital

** All Times Are In Pacific Time** 

Special Thank You To Our Sponsors and Media Partners

Here's A Selection Of Our Speakers


Joshua Frank

CEO and Co-Founder of The TIE

The TIE provides data and financial management tools for institutions, helping them make faster and smarter decisions. The TIE offers a suite of seven proprietary institutional APIs including the only sentiment analytics feed in crypto powered by the Twitter Firehose and an industry-first corporate actions & significant developments API procuring, analyzing, and serving data from over 2,000 English and Chinese sources in real-time.
In addition to its suite of APIs, The TIE has partnered with eToro to offer the first sentiment-tilted tradable indexes for digital assets which were released in October 2019.
Prior to co-founding The TIE, Joshua worked as a consultant at SS&C Technologies where he helped develop post-trade technological solutions for the world’s leading custodians, brokers, and asset managers. Identifying a lack of trusted and transparent data and technology in the digital asset space, Joshua decided to leave his role at SS&C to build The TIE full-time in March 2018.”

Joey Krug

Augur & Pantera Capital

In 2013, Joey built a point of sale system enabling Bitcoin payments with sound and Bluetooth. In 2014, he left Pomona College to cofound one of the first projects and the first ICO on Ethereum called Augur, a decentralized prediction market platform and solution to the oracle problem designed to allow people to speculate on anything. He also started an AngelList syndicate which is now in the top 15 by backing. In 2017, he joined Pantera Capital to help manage its Hedge Team. 

Katie Talati


Katie Talati is Vice President of Research at Arca. In her role, Katie is responsible for a wide variety of Arca research initiatives including cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, macroeconomics, and other investment vehicles. Katie has a broad investment background, previously serving as an independent financial services consultant to startups in the financial and FinTech space. In her career, Katie also served as an investment adviser and analyst at Crowdfunder, Inc. before being promoted to Director of Investor Relations. Katie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Andrew Keys

DARMA Capital

As Managing Partner at DARMA Capital, Andrew manages global business development and product strategy. Prior to DARMA Capital, Andrew was Head of Global Business Development and created much of the financial service offerings at ConsenSys, the world’s leading software company producing Ethereum blockchain solutions. Andrew remains on the Board of Advisors to ConsenSys.

During his tenure at ConsenSys, Andrew demonstrated the importance of blockchain tech in digitizing the global economy to central banks and Fortune 500 companies. In doing so, Andrew co-created the first Ethereum Blockchain-as-a-Service offering with Microsoft and launched the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an open-source cross-industry initiative that has grown intothe largest open-source blockchain business consortium on Earth.

Andrew comes to DARMA Capital with a wealth of capital markets, technology, and entrepreneurial experience. Previously, Andrew worked for UBS in equities analysis. Later, he was responsible for the creation and distribution of alternative asset insurance products to hedge funds. After, he co-founded a healthcare revenue cycle management company, where he learned the inefficiencies of legacy databases and payment processing systems. This realization led Andrew to blockchain, Ethereum, ConsenSys, and then to DARMA Capital.

Mati Grenspan

Quantum Economics

An investment specialist with an eye for the latest market trends and trading opportunities. Having been involved in financial markets his entire life and paper-trading from the age of 13, he is the co-author of the book The Complete Guide to Fintech and Investing and is a licensed portfolio manager in the European Union. Mati has a unique way of viewing and explaining what’s happening in the financial markets, and helping people spot the best investment opportunities. His expertise is particularly strong in the field of cryptocurrencies where he is known as one of the industry’s top analysts. His market commentary is frequently quoted in financial news sites like Bloomberg, CNBC, Thomson Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and many more.

Neil Van Huis


Neil has over ten years of experience as a discretionary and algorithmic derivatives trader at top proprietary trading institutions. Most notably, Neil worked as a Senior Quantitative Trader for a commodities team at Transmarket Group from 2009 to 2013. In 2013, Neil and fellow partners founded a boutique principal trading company in Chicago where he served as a Senior Quantitative Trader and Managing Partner. He was responsible for building out several automated trading desks and teams in a variety of markets including fixed income, equity futures, precious metals energies, volatility index products and agricultural commodities with connectivity to most global derivatives exchanges. Ultimate he also discovered a passion for cryptocurrency trading during his tenure there. Neil joined BLockfills in 2018 as Director of Sales. His experience in global markets and past residencies in Europe have given him a breadth of experience with the cultural nuances that need to be mastered to build solid trading relationships globally.

Jesus Rodriguez


Jesus Rodriguez is a technology expert, executive investor and startup advisor. Jesus founded Tellago, an award winning software development firm focused helping companies become great software organizations by leveraging new enterprise software trends. Under his leadership, Tellago has been recognized as an enterprise software innovator earning Inc. 500 and Stevie Awards for American and International Business. Jesus also started KidoZen, an enterprise mobile app platform company that was founded around a simple, yet powerful goal: to enable the mobile-first enterprise. A software scientist by background, Jesus is an internationally recognized speaker and author with contributions that include hundreds of articles and presentations at industry conferences. Jesus is a board member of several enterprise software companies like Electric Cloud and Mobiquity and also serves as an advisor to companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. He is a prolific blogger on software technology and entrepreneurship

Matthew Finlayson

Invictus Capital

Matthew Finlayson is currently the Head of Product at Invictus Capital, a blockchain-based asset management business that he co-founded. Matthew was the blockchain engineer responsible for all blockchain-related work needed for Crypto20, the first tokenized crypto asset index fund launched in 2017. He holds an honours degree in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Cape Town and has a background in data science and finance.

Evan Feng

Tapestry Capital

Evan Feng is founder and Chief Investment Officer of Tapestry Capital Group. Previously, Evan was a senior investment research analyst at Point72 within the fundamental long/short strategy, covering telecom, communications infrastructure, and cable stocks. Prior to that, Evan was a similar role as a fundamental investor within Citadel’s Global Equities division, working on teams that covered and traded stocks within the broader technology, media and telecom (TMT) universe. Originally, Evan began his Wall Street career at Barclays as an investment banker within the leveraged finance group, specializing in advising media and telecom clients. He graduated magna cum laude from New York University with a B.Sc. in Finance and Accounting and a minor in Philosophy.

John Peurifoy

Floating Point Group

John was late to the digital asset world, but his interest in finance dates back to his first days at MIT. There, he first created an algorithmic trading platform that would allow anyone to run high-frequency trading strategies. John studied physics and electrical engineering, and comes from a strong background in machine learning and molecular physics.

David Weisberger


David has over 30 years of experience in market structure, quantitative finance, and trading automation. He started his career at Morgan Stanley where he built their first program and electronic trading systems and subsequently started the non-dollar program trading desk for Salomon Brothers, was the global architect of the firm’s equity trading platform where he designed their first trading algorithm and quantitatively managed central risk book before becoming responsible for the statistical arbitrage trading business. He later ran Lava Trading (a leading equity smart order routing business) before joining Two Sigma to develop their wholesale market making business, which he ran for several years. After a couple of years as the global head of equity market structure and quantitative equity products for IHS Markit, Mr. Weisberger co-founded CoinRoutes Inc in 2017, which provides algorithmic trading across multiple exchanges and liquidity providers with consolidated market data for digital assets.

Matthew Le Merle

Fifth Era & Keiretsu Capital

Matthew Le Merle is co-founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Era and of Keiretsu Capital - the most active early stage venture investors backing almost 200 companies a year. Matthew is a manager of Blockchain Coinvestors, the world’s leading blockchain venture fund of funds. He is also Chairman of CAH and Securitize (Europe), Vice Chairman SFOX and an advisor at Warburg Pincus.
Matthew is an advisor and/or investor at a number of Blockchain projects including BitBull, Bitwise, Codex, Hadron, Liquineq, and Spark. 
Matthew’s career has spanned being a global strategy advisor, professional services firm leader, corporate operating executive, private equity and venture capital investor, and board director He spent 21 years as a strategy, operations and corporate finance advisor with McKinsey & Company, and as a practice leader with A.T. Kearney and Monitor Group where he led both firms’ West Coast practices and at Booz & Company. He was also a corporate executive at Gap Inc. where he was SVP strategy and corporate development and SVP global marketing. 
Matthew is an adjunct professor at Singularity University, bestselling author (Blockchain Competitive Advantage, Corporate Innovation in the Fifth Era, Build your Fortune in the Fifth Era and Second Chance) and keynote speaker. 

Brett Noyes

UnVentures, Inc

Brett Noyes is the Founder and General Partner at UnVentures, INC. UnVentures manages a series of FinTech, Blockchain, DeFI and Capital Markets investor syndicates. Noyes originally got started in the crypto space when he worked for Tim Draper in 2014. In this role he created the Draper FinTech Incubator and hosted the Bay Area Bitcoin Meetup. In addition, Noyes has launched over $500 million in ICO funding through his event series and created the Unchain Blockchain incubator program.

Timothy Enneking

Digital Capital Management

Timothy is the founder and the primary Principal of Digital Capital Management, LLC (“DCM”). Prior to founding DCM, Mr. Enneking was the founder and investment manager for the Crypto Currency Fund (“CCF”), one of the world’s first private funds focused on cryptocurrencies. In addition to his crypto-related activities, Mr. Enneking is also the asset manager of Mana Companies Asset Management, which manages a medium-sized, multi-generational family office and trust based in San Diego. (MCAM does not invest in crypto assets of any type.) 
Prior to operating CCF, Mr. Enneking founded and managed Tera Capital Fund, a fund of funds focused on Eastern Europe (established in 2004). Simultaneously, in 2013, he was engaged to manage the world’s first Bitcoin fund.
Mr. Enneking also has extensive M&A experience, having completed more than 70 transactions with an aggregate transaction value of over US$12 billion. He speaks near-native French and Russian, as well as German. He has five university degrees, all in international business and law.

Joe Vezzani


Joe has an extensive background working in across finance, technology, advertising, sales, marketing, and start-ups. Since finding cryptocurrency in 2015 Joe has not looked back, a long-time hold’er he believes anyone building in the cryptocurrency space is building a better future.


Joe Buttram

Red Rock Capital

Joe Buttram is Co-Founder and Principal of RedRock Capital. He is a crypto native investor that, outside of liquidity, contributes to networks he supports with what he calls 'on-chain activism’. This includes staking, supporting relay nodes, contributing to open source initiatives, and more. He got his start in crypto by helping co-host the early San Francisco Ethereum meet ups and being active in the early community. Prior to his crypto career, he was a former professional Mixed Martial Artist. Today, RedRock Capital focuses on Network Protocols and DApps that enable new capital formations, use cases, and novel financial services that have the potential to replace traditional capital markets.


Paul Sacks

Digital Gamma

Capital markets veteran; 2 decades of experience trading and risk management - primary focus on precious metals (gold options); ran a options market-making group on the COMEX (now CME) exchange in NY; ran a CTA/CPO utilizing options to offer non-linear “insurance type” gold exposure ; formed a company to explore opportunities in China’s listed options market – interesting pivot to offering education; current effort revolves around building professional infrastructure in crypto.


Jamie Burke

Outlier Ventures

Jamie is a well known face in the industry regularly speaking at conferences around the World and advocating for the professionalization of the industry in media like Forbes, Wired, Reuters, and CNBC.
Over his career he has cultivated a powerful ecosystem of corporate partners, investors, and government agencies to help Outlier’s portfolio scale effectively earning their trust from a frank and honest approach to the space.


Nathan Doctor

Synapse Capital

Nathan Doctor is the Founder of Infinite Capital, a crypto asset investment firm. As an investor he focuses on bleeding-edge tech where he first invested in Bitcoin in 2012. In that time he has invested early in many top 50 cryptocurrencies and top 10 DeFi projects, as well as a series of venture-backed startups. He is also the CEO/Co-Founder of, a platform for assessing software development skills, used by clients including Apple, Facebook, and Zoom. The company also built the free educational community,, where over 1,500,000 software developers train their coding skills.


Hamiz Mushtaq Awan

Plutus21 Capital

Hamiz focuses on operations, risk management, and overall strategic growth of the firm. Hamiz has more than 7 years of experience investing in a variety of alternative strategies across multiple countries. Hamiz has been involved as a principal investor in deals totaling over $25 million on behalf of partner and family capital.
Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, Hamiz saw the effects of economic and political instability first-hand. Given this experience, Hamiz is motivated to understand the many problems faced by the developing world and is confident that blockchain technology will be an important part of the solutions. Hamiz believes that the unique background of the investment team gives a unique edge for not only internalizing the problems faced by billions around the world but has a better chance at identifying the most viable solutions.
Hamiz graduated as a Don Jackson Fellow from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Finance from the Alternative Asset Management Center. Hamiz is known as an expert on emerging markets, alternative investments, and entrepreneurship.


Nassim Olive

Eterna Capital

Nassim is a Founding Partner and Chief Economist & COO at Eterna Capital, an investment firm focused on blockchain technology. Nassim was previously a member of BlackRock's Institutional Client Business, responsible for covering Global and UK based insurance companies. As part of his role, he was in charge of developing business relationships and providing solutions to clients. Nassim is passionate about markets, economics and politics. He joined BlackRock after completing his MSc in Finance with Distinction at Imperial College London in 2014. Nassim is a CFA Charterholder.


Pankaj Balani

Delta Exchange

With over 8 years of experience as a business leader and derivatives trader, Pankaj Balani has dedicated the last 2 years building Delta Exchange, a next-generation derivatives exchange where traditional financial instruments and cryptocurrency trading intersect. A UBS alum, Balani has gained financial, derivatives, and quantitative financial experience through his positions at Edelweiss Asset Management and Elara Capital. He also led the product growth for, an Ecom business that was recently funded by Goldman Sachs. Balani co-founded the e-commerce business, ZippyBots, whose customers included Facebook, Axis Bank (India’s 2nd largest private bank), DCB Bank, 9xM (India’s largest music channel), and BrandFactory (India’s largest retail group). He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi with a degree in Engineering Physics and obtained an MBA from the Indian School of Business. With a passion for education, Balani has continued his academic pursuits by teaching online classes about derivative trading and whereby traditional financial instruments can be used in cryptocurrency trading.


Nick Cowan

Gibralter Stock Exchange

Nick Cowan is the CEO and founder of the Global Blockchain Exchange and the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group. He has 34 years of experience in capital markets, serving as Head of Equities and Board Member at ING Barings, managing up to 2,500 employees in 43 countries, including 40 stock exchange memberships.


Michael Anderson

Framework Ventures

Michael Anderson is a co-founder and partner at Framework Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on building the value of blockchain networks through strategic investment and infrastructural support. Before founding Framework, Michael built and sold Hashletes, the first and only NFLPA-licensed digital collectibles, with co-founder Vance Spencer. Michael’s prior experience bridges investment banking and consumer tech, with experience from Snap, Inc., Dropbox, and Barclays Capital.


Vance Spencer

Framework Ventures

Vance Spencer is a co-founder and partner at Framework Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on building the value of blockchain networks through strategic investment and infrastructural support. Before founding Framework, Vance built and sold Hashletes, the first and only NFLPA-licensed digital collectibles built on Ethereum. Before that, he led corporate development for Netflix in Tokyo.

Michael Collet


Michael Collett is the Chief Marketing Officer at Stack Funds, an asset management platform providing institutional investors with easy access to digital asset investment. He has deep experience of capital markets and equities trading — expertise he has garnered over the course of 22 years in management positions at some of the world’s top financial services companies, including Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Jefferies, and Dresdner Kleinwort. Having spent the bulk of his professional career working in Asian markets, Michael has been witness to the emergence of digital assets within the region, and he draws on his ties with traditional markets to build strong institutional partnerships between established and emerging financial institutions across Asia-Pacific.

Alexander Blum

Two Prime

Alexander S. Blum, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Two Prime, has worked across blockchain hedge funds, startups, and consulted in the space for over seven years. Prior to founding, Alex started digital investment group Atomic Capital, developed a cryptocurrency mining operation and AI-crypto hedge fund, and worked as a technology advisor for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Economic Forum, and an economic development specialist for the Peace Corps. Alex is a Fellow at University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies and a graduate of MIT and Tufts University. Alex has spoken at blockchain events around the world and his writing can be seen in publications such as Forbes, The Pacific Council on International Policy, HuffPost, and Seeking Alpha.

Felix Feng

Two Prime

Felix Feng is the Cofounder and CEO of Set Protocol. He previously worked at (acquired Coinbase) and Radius. He has a B.S. from UC Berkeley. 

Aly Madhavji

Blockchain Founders Fund

Aly Madhavji is the Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund which invests in and venture builds top-tier startups. He is a Limited Partner on Loyal VC. Aly consults organizations on emerging technologies such as INSEAD and the UN on solutions to help alleviate poverty. He is a Senior Blockchain Fellow at INSEAD and was recognized as a “Blockchain 100” Global Leader by Lattice80. 
He is an internationally acclaimed author, publishing three books and a monthly columnist for the leading blockchain magazine. Aly has served on various advisory boards including the University of Toronto’s Governing Council, which manages a $2.5B budget. He is a mentor with Chinaccelerator, an elite accelerator program operated by the venture fund SOSV with $500M+ AUM and the Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX). 
Aly holds a Master of Global Affairs as a Schwarzman Scholar from Tsinghua University, a Master of Business Administration from INSEAD (Singapore and France), and a Bachelor of Commerce with Distinction from the University of Toronto.

Santiago Roel Santos

ParaFi Capital

Santiago Roel Santos is a Partner at ParaFi Capital, where he focuses on sourcing investments, crypto native due diligence, and working closely with teams on crypto-economic design, protocol mechanics, and go-to-market strategies. Mr. Roel Santos has over eight years of experience investing in early-stage technology. Mr. Roel Santos first became involved in the blockchain ecosystem in 2013, investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Filecoin, Zcash, 0x, and Tezos, among other protocols. He currently serves as an advisor to Synthetix, a leading decentralized finance protocol, and is on the Board of Directors of the Proof of Stake Alliance, a blockchain industry association focused on promoting collaboration among industry leaders and regulators. Mr. Roel Santos began his career at JPMorgan in their Investment Banking Financial Sponsors Group, where he was one of the youngest recipients of the Launching Leaders Scholarship. He became an investor at Sageview Capital, a growth equity firm, where he covered the internet and software sectors. Mr. Roel Santos has been an active angel investor in early-stage technologies, deploying capital through his investment vehicle, Roca Capital. He has served in various advisory and operating roles at his portfolio companies, including Elysium Health, where he was Director of Research and Growth, helping the company scale post-Series A. Mr. Roel Santos graduated with a B.A. in Economics, magna cum laude, from Boston University.

Nico Cordeiro

Strix Leviathan

Nico Cordeiro is the Chief Investment Officer of Strix Leviathan. He oversees quantitative research, strategy development, risk management and portfolio allocation. He is focused on investment strategy, risk management and quantitative research. Prior to Strix, Nico led crypto-asset research within the alternative investments group at PitchBook. Nico served in the U.S. Army where he was an Infantry Staff Sergeant and served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nico holds a Masters in Finance at Seattle University and a bachelor's degree in Finance from the University of Washington.

Dan Elitzer

IDEO CoLab Ventures

Dan Elitzer is an investor at IDEO CoLab Ventures, a venture fund that operates as a subsidiary of IDEO, a leading global design and innovation consultancy. IDEO CoLab Ventures invests in early-stage companies building on distributed web technology (blockchains, cryptocurrencies, etc). From 2015-2017, Dan led the distributed web portfolio at IDEO CoLab, conducting blockchain research and prototype development in partnership with both startups and Fortune 500 companies, including Citi, Nasdaq, Fidelity, Exelon, BlueCross BlueShield, and Ford. Dan received his MBA from MIT Sloan, where he co-founded the MIT Bitcoin Club, MIT FinTech Club, and MIT Bitcoin Project, which distributed $100 in bitcoin to each MIT undergraduate in 2014. Prior to falling down the crypto rabbit hole, Dan worked in social entrepreneurship and microfinance, at Community Wealth Partners and Grameen Foundation.

Reimo Hammerberg


Reimo is founder of Ignium, provider of global settlement and custody services for digital securities. For the last 20 years he has practiced Sorainen as law at Sorainen as a capital markets and financial services attorney and last 13 years as partner and head of the practice. He is recognised as a leadingexpert in the market by all international legal directories (Chambers Global and Europe, Legal 500, IFLR, Best Lawyers) and is often invited to contribute to financial services and tech-related regulations by the government.
Reimo is board member at FinanceEstonia (industry organisation for the financial sector in Estonia) and heads a blockchain related sub-group in FinTech group. Reimo is also officer of International Bar Association and member of Securities Law Committee where he chairs Committee ofRegulation of Market, Participants, Brokers, Banks and Exchanges.

Akbar Thobani


Akbar Thobhani is the CEO of SFOX, the cryptocurrency trading platform of choice for the top 1% of hedge funds and sophisticated traders. He started his career as a software engineer at JPL/NASA, and he began mining bitcoins while attending MIT. Akbar was formerly the head of growth and business development at Airbnb. Specializing in trading and payment platforms, he has developed solutions for ITG, Boku, and


And many more great speakers to be announced...

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